An early warning system for use in developing countries and Small Island States

Adigun Ade Abiodun
Office for Outer Space Affairs, United Nations, Vienna, Austria.
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E-mail: aabiodun@unov.un.or.at

An early warning system for disaster management can be judged to be functional if its elements are reliable, affordable and to a large extent can be maintained by the people it is supposed to serve. Similarly, it can be classified as effective if those who are to benefit from its deployment pay particular attention to both what the system is supposed to do for them as well as how it works. This includes adequate investment in disaster management measures and appropriate education and training, all of which will need to be put to good use in the eventuality of a disaster. This paper proposes a satellite-based communications network that can provide sudden disaster warning for rural, remote and outer communities of developing countries and Small Island States (SIDS). Of paramount importance is the cost and the simplicity of the warning message, and the speed and reliability of warning delivery, of such a system.