Warnings about dangerous marine meteorological phenomena potentially leading to emergencies: The experience of the Russian Marine Forecasting Service

Ziyadin K. Abouziarov
Hydrometcentre of Russia-WMC Moscow, 9-13, Bol. Predtechensky per., Moscow, 123242, Russia.
Tel. : +7-095-255 50 26, Fax: +7-095-255 15 82,
E-mail: rusgmc@glasnet.ru

A system for preparation and dissemination of warnings about dangerous marine meteorological phenomena (such as tsunami, extreme winds and waves, storm surges, heavy sea-ice conditions etc) has been developed and is operational in Russia. It is based on regular environmental monitoring and forecasting. The efficiency of warnings depends mainly on the quality and completeness of observations and on the ability of users to respond to them in an efficient manner. The impact of dangerous natural phenomena on the economy differs greatly and depends on many factors. Correspondingly, the threshold values for the issue of warnings are set individually for various areas of responsibility and in accordance with specific user requirements. They are determined jointly by user communities and forecasting organisations. The presentation highlights the most important scientific and organisational issues of preparation and dissemination of warnings about phenomena leading to emergencies at sea. Some examples are discussed.