Monitoring fires with the European Remote Sensing Satellite, ERS II: The rush fire product demonstration

Alessandra Buongiorno, O. Arino
ESA/ESRIN, Directorate of Application, Remote Sensing Exploitation Department, CP 64, Via Galileo Galilei, 00044 Frascati, Italy.
Tel. : +39-6-94180545, Fax: +39-6-94180512,
E-mail: ale@esrin.esa.it

Starting with the exceptional fire events which occurred in South-East Asia during September 1997 a demonstrative fire monitoring activity, using ATSR-2 data, has been set up at ESRIN. A rush fire product has been prototyped from ATSR-2 night time nadir view data to provide users with consistent hot spots information a few days after the acquisition. The monitoring activity continued in spring 1998 to follow the evolution of Mexican fires and provided a further opportunity for assessing the rush fire product and testing the capability of a fast delivery service. All rush fire products generated have been made available on-line through dedicated pages on the ESA WWW server that have been linked with fire information provided by other sources to allow extensive validation and user feedback. To exploit the possible synergy between ATSR-2 and GOME instrument, the GOME nitrogen dioxide products have been analysed and correlated with the hot spot distribution provided by the ATSR rush fire product. The results from this fire monitoring experience are presented.