The capabilities of the German Remote Sensing Data Centre (DFD) in natural disaster monitoring with space-borne remote sensing

S. Dech, J. Gredel, W. Noack, K. Reiniger, A. Roth, G. Schreier
DLR-DFD, D-82234 Wessling, Germany.
Tel. : +49-8153-28-1404, Fax: +49-8153-28-1313,
E-mail: helpdesk@dfd.dlr.de

The German Remote Sensing Data Centre (DFD) of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) provides "end-to-end" services in an Earth observation ground segment. Satellite data receiving stations of DFD are located in Germany covering all of Europe and in several other areas of the world. Focus for the satellite coverage of its highly mobile and flexible stations are areas endangered by environmental problems and natural disasters (e.g., Central Africa, Asia, etc.).

DFD operates processing systems with value-adding capabilities which turn satellite data into quickly available and customised products. DFDs fully automated satellite archives can be used to assess the surface of the Earth and the changes it has undergone by providing efficient access to data collected years before. DFDs on-line catalogue and information system is available to any user, and data products can be transferred to any electronically connected place in the world.

These capabilities of DFD have already been used to mitigate and monitor disasters with optical and radar spaceborne sensors. Examples include floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and man-made catastrophes.

The paper will outline the capabilities of DFD based on recent examples.