International polygon on earthquake monitoring in Garni, Armenia

Rudolf Gevorkyan1, Leon Hackverdyan2
1Emergency Management Administration of the Republic of Armenia, 25 Pushkin street, Yerevan, 375010, Republic of Armenia. Tel.: +3742-53 16 12, Fax: +3742-39 07 148,
E-mail: GRG@sema.infocom.amilink.net
2Institute AtomEnergoSeismic Projekt, 24a Marshal Baghramian ave., Yerevan, 375019, Republic of Armenia.
Tel. : +3742-52 44 26, Fax: +3742-15 18 05,
E-mail: physdep@moon.yerphi.am

The international polygon on earthquake monitoring in Garni/Armenia is supposed to become a modern observatory with a net of observations doing seismological, geodetic, geo-deformational, hydrogeological, hydrological, hydro-geo-chemical, geophysical and other observations, being equipped with newest devices, means of telecommunication, data processing and exchange. Integrity of surface and space observations is supposed to be implemented. Observation results will provide fertile background for solving fundamental problems related to geo-dynamics of earthquake epicentres, predictive processes and structure of the lithosphere.

The suggested program of creating an international polygon was to a considerable extent organised by the efforts of six Scandinavian countries, as well as by a party in Tadjikistan, under the leading role of Russia, and with participation of the USA. The establishment of such an international polygon is supported by the conception, which successfully passed through the time test during the last decade.