GISELE: A new capability for flash flood early warnings over Garoone river sub-basins

Francois Helloco1, Jean-Jaques Vidal2, Jean-Luc Cheze1
1Meteo-France, SCEM, 42 av. G. Coriolis, 31057 Toulouse Cedex, France.
Tel.: +33-5 61 07 8362,
E-mail: francois.Helloco@meteo.fr
2Direction Regionale de l’Environment, Toulouse, France

This paper describes the GISELE project, conducted by the French Ministry for Environment and Meteo-France, which purpose is to associate their most advanced developments to improve the flash flood warning over several sub-basins located in the foothills’ areas of the Pyrenees range:

  • Meteo-France, which operates a national network of 15 radars, has designed new capabilities for the Toulouse radar, in which advanced algorithms like a vertical reflectivity profile correction are implemented. A 1 hour areal rainfall is provided in real-time.
  • The regional service of the Ministry of Environment, located in Toulouse, has designed a wide real-time network of hydrological measurements, and operates a multi-model procedure in which rainfall observed either by the radar or the rain-gauges is used in real-time to forecast flood over several sub-basins.

An example of floods observed in December 1996 will be given.