Hydro-meteorological tools for flood protection in river basins

Gabriele Malitz, Thilo Günther
German Meteorological Service, Business Unit Hydrometeorology, Lindenberger Weg 24, D-13125 Berlin, Germany.
Tel. : +49-30-9400940, Fax: +49-30-9497324, E-mail: gmalitz@dwd.d400.de

In the German Meteorological Service several models have been developed for calculation and forecast of grid-point values of precipitation over area, water equivalent of the snow cover, and its meltwater release. Quantitative forecasts of precipitation are obtained by the hydrostatic meso-b scale regional NWP model for Germany. With the hydrometeorological model systems BONIE and SNOW-D, two proven procedures are available to be used for improvements on flood warnings. The model SNOW-D enables grid-oriented result data of precipitation supply (defined as the sum of meltwater release and rainfall) to be provided for any German river basin required. The model system BONIE was created to calculate operationally current areal precipitation on the basis of data measured by standard and automated precipitation gauges of the ground-based network.

Supplementary to these activities, the hydrometeorologists contribute to the development of an automated precipitation gauging (ombrometer) network, extension of the special service "Delivery of reports on precipitation totals and condition of snow cover", completion of the national radar network, computation of probable maximum precipitation and design depth of precipitation.