The use of the AARI's Hydrometeorological Information System for early warning of natural disasters in the north and north-west regions of Russia

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The paper considers the structure and functions of the automated ice (hydrometeorological) information system of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) traditionally oriented to supporting scientific and commercial activities in the Arctic. The algorithms and technologies for environmental data acquisition, processing, analysis and dissemination to users are described. The examples of prognostic information with a different period in advance (sea level, wave, ice cover state) are presented with an estimate of the probability of anomalous phenomena. Special attention is given to the description and analysis of the system development performed at the present time. The improvement of the system is accompanied with a transfer to modern geoinformation technologies. This is connected with new functions for providing the regional goals of the Russian Federal Ministry for Extraordinary Situations (monitoring of anomalous phenomena in land hydrosphere, forest fires) in the northwestern regions of Russia.