European Warning System

Françoise Tondre
Council of Europe, EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement, 67075 Strasbourg Cedex.
Tel. : +33-3 88 41 26 16, Fax: +33-3 88 41 27 87,
E mail: francoise.tondre@aprn.coe.fr

The Council of Europe’s Open Partial Agreement on the prevention of, protection against and organisation of relief in major natural and technological disasters, established in March 1987, strengthens co-operation from a multidisciplinary point of view in the field of risk management between its member states. This agreement counts 23 member states to date. The Commission of the European Communities and several United Nations Agencies participate in its work.

The objective of the European Warning System is to provide the member states of the agreement in almost real time with the technical data concerning the occurrence of an earthquake. This system is also used for other types of major disasters.

In the event of an earthquake whose magnitude is more than or equal to 6 on the Richter Scale, the European Warning System is triggered by the standby team at the Council of Europe.