Application of satellite and airborne remote sensing data for a Flood Risk Information Management System (FRIMS) for the Oder river region

Horst Weichelt1, Karl-Heinz Marek2
FEZ Remote Sensing Centre Potsdam, Berliner Str. 50, 14467 Potsdam, Germany.
Tel. 1+49-331-27913-19, 2+49-331-27913-0, Fax +49-331-27913-50,
E-mail: 1H.Weichelt@fez.uve.de, 2info@fez.uve.de

The experiences of the flood events in the last few years have demonstrated on the one hand an increase in the number of events, their duration and the amount of water flow, and on the other hand a lack of acquisition, processing and distribution of the required information for flood forecasting and management.

Initiated by the former German Space Agency DARA during the flood event of the Oder River in July/August 1997, a datapool has been established containing satellite data taken from different sensor types (Landsat-TM, IRS-1C, ERS-1/2, RADARSAT), as well as airborne images and scanner data. New digital airborne sensors were applied to simultaneously obtain multispectral and stereophotogrammetric data with very high spatial resolution and accuracy.

The paper presents the capabilities for deriving thematical information about the flood event from the airborne and spaceborne remote sensing data. Results of the data interpretation as well as a possible design of a future information management system are demonstrated.